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Hostforge 🔥

Hostforge takes the complexity out of hosting your applications on your servers. It offers a simple and intuitive, yet powerful interface built on top of Docker Swarm.


Sneak peeks:

Dashboard Source Deployments

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  • Simple - With the power of Nixpacks, you don't even need to write a Dockerfile. Just point Hostforge to your git repository and it will build your image and deploy it for you.
  • Secure - Hostforge is built with security in mind. All projects use their own network and are isolated from each other.
  • Automated - Hostforge can watch for changes in your git repository and automatically update your application when you push a commit.
  • Scalable - Hostforge is built on top of Docker Swarm, which means you can scale your application with a single click.
    • note: the Hostforge web-panel cannot be scaled to multiple instances, but your applications can.


I've been using Portainer for quite a while, but I found it to be cumbersome to have to write out my own compose files. Constantly googling to find the right keys and values to use. I wanted something that would allow me to create a service with a few clicks and have it up and running in seconds.

I also wanted something that could automatically build my images from a git repository so I didn't have to fiddle around with CI/CD pipelines. I wanted to be able to push a commit to my repository and have my application automatically update.

And so, that's when I started working on Hostforge -- my largest open source project to date.


That being said, this project has taken me a lot of time and effort to build. If it manages to save you some time and effort, please consider donating to help me keep this project alive.