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📫 Himalaya GitHub release Matrix

Welcome to Himalaya CLI, the Command-Line Interface to manage emails based on email-lib.


Disclaimer: the project is under active development, do not use in production before the final v1.0.0.



Packaging status
# Arch Linux (official)
$ pacman -S himalaya

# Arch Linux (from sources)
$ yay -S himalaya-git

# Homebrew
$ brew install himalaya

# Scoop
$ scoop install himalaya

# Cargo
$ cargo install himalaya

# Nix
$ nix-env -i himalaya

# Fedora/CentOS
$ dnf copr enable atim/himalaya
$ dnf install himalaya

See the documentation for other installation methods.


Please read the documentation.


Please read the contributing guide for more detailed information.

A bug tracker is available on SourceHut. [send an email]

A mailing list is available on SourceHut. [send an email] [subscribe] [unsubscribe]

If you want to report a bug, please send an email at ~soywod/

If you want to propose a feature or fix a bug, please send a patch at ~soywod/ The simplest way to send a patch is to use git send-email, follow this guide to configure git properly.

If you just want to discuss about the project, feel free to join the Matrix workspace #pimalaya.himalaya or contact me directly @soywod. You can also use the mailing list.



Special thanks to the NLnet foundation and the European Commission that helped the project to receive financial support from:

If you appreciate the project, feel free to donate using one of the following providers:

GitHub PayPal Ko-fi Buy Me a Coffee Liberapay