A simple theme for YOURLS built based on the Bootstrap framework.
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QUrl Theme for YOURLS

A simple theme for YOURLS built based on the Bootstrap framework.

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QUrl Preview


Theme requires:

If you intend to run a publicly accessible website, it is worth protecting yourself against spam and dangerous links. For this reason, it is worth installing several plugins.


Installation involves copying the contents of the QUrl-Theme directory directly to the main directory where YOURLS was installed. After copying the theme files to the main YOURLS directory, install the required plugins.

PHPMailer installation

To send e-mail notifications and for the contact form and the form to report suspicious links to work properly, it is necessary to install the PHPMailer library. The library files should be placed in the qurl/PHPMailer folder.


The theme has basic configuration options. All options are located in the qurl/config.php file. The theme can be translated into other languages. To do this, you need to create your own language file based on the file PL-pl_qurl.php, which is located in the qurl/lang directory.


The theme is used on the website QUrl.pl