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Deliver a VPS-like experience to your users at a fraction of the cost, with all-inclusive features such as resource limiting, user isolation, WP Manager, and enhanced security seamlessly integrated for worry-free hosting.

What is OpenPanel

OpenPanel is a powerful and flexible web hosting control panel for Linux systems. Available in an community-supported version, and a more feature-filled version with premium support, OpenPanel is the cost-effective and comprehensive solution to web hosting management.

OpenPanel offers a distinct advantage over other hosting panels by providing each user with an isolated environment and tools to fully manage it. This ensures that you enjoy full control over your environment, simillar to a VPS experience. You can effortlessly install new PHP versions, modify server configurations, view domain logs, restart services, and perform numerous other advanced tasks.

openpanel scheme

This panel is the culmination of years of experience in the hosting industry, having spent decades working with various hosting panels we made sure to include all features that simply make sense.

When we designed OpenPanel, we prioritized features that are not only user-friendly for beginners but also advanced enough to alleviate maintenance tasks for system administrators and hosting support teams.

Some of the unique features worth mentioning are:

OpenPanel vs OpenAdmin

The OpenAdmin offers an administrator-level interface where you can efficiently handle tasks such as creating and managing users, setting up hosting plans, configuring backups, and editing OpenPanel settings. The OpenPanel interface is the client-level panel where end-users can manage their enviroment, edit settings, install services, create websites and more.


Technology Stack

OpenAdmin OpenPanel
nginx memcached
ssl apache
docker mysql
modsec nginx
hhg redis
hhg php
hhg nvm
hhg python
hhg phpmyadmin

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