The next generation hosting panel
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Moonlight Panel

The next generation hosting panel

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About the v2

Why a rewrite?

v1 was written focused on the needs of a specific free hosting project and because of that moonlight v1 is lacking on features many users want to see in moonlight

What will the v2 offer compared to v1?

  • A modular feature system to enable and disable features
  • A plugin system to modify extisting features behavior and ui
  • Theming to make moonlight look like you want
  • Improved error handling
  • A diagnose system in order to find problems quicker and fix them fastzer
  • A complete redesign of the ui
  • Modular authentication system and a lot more

When will moonlight v2 will release?

Moonlight v2 will release in following steps:

  1. Beta Releases (starting in April). Includes the servers feature
  2. Bug fixing of reported beta bugs
  3. Release of the first stable and fully supported version of moonlight v2
  4. Implementing of more features which can be downloaded and enabled if you want to do so

If you like to see the current progress of the development of v2, have a look here

Are there screenshots or demos of v2?

Screenshots and a demo can be found in our discord server

How can you support the project?

You can support the project by contributing to the development, discussing features and the plans of the implementation in order to find the best solution and with donating on my ko-fi page This project is currently in beta

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Distributed under the CC0 1.0 Universal License. See LICENSE for more information.


  • Masu Baumgartner - Masu Baumgartner - Moonlights core system & frontend and basiclly any other part of moonlight
  • Moritz Deiaco - Moritz Deiaco - Moonlight Core and UI